Do the Laws of Centrifugal Force Apply in Zero-Gravity?

Chief Scientist Jim Bray describes how Newton’s laws work together to keep objects moving in all types of environments.


  1. Kaden

    I have the exact question that Leonard has

  2. Gene Rector

    In zero gravity does the object that you are spinning to create centrifugal force create its on gravity? Example if you were spinning a iron ball in space, just as the earth spins, does the iron ball create its on gravity?

  3. scott leonard

    This is correct, but as mentioned in this case the string is applying an inverse force on the object that is moving in a straight line thus bending its path. If I were in space and the ship I was in suddenly started spinning what inverse force would force me to the walls, assuming the ship is a sphere and I’m floating in the middle of said sphere… Logic tells me nothing would and i would continue to float, am i correct? Im a college student and haven’t really taken any physics classes yet, so i could be totally wrong.