GE Develops High Water Recovery Technology in China

Technology aims to boost development of China’s household water purification industry

SHANGHAI, September. 17, 2015 – A team of scientists led by the Coating and Membrane Technology Laboratory at GE’s China Technology Center have successfully developed a high water recovery technology to improve the production efficiency of household drinking water. This new technology applies GE’s advanced technology used in industrial water treatment to household water with the aim of providing safe water usage, cost-effective products and comprehensive service solutions for consumers in China.

China’s has long faced severe challenges in water treatment caused by frequent pollution, , relatively low waste water reuse rates and increasing demand from the people. According to recent data, there are on average more than 1,700water pollution accidents in China every year More than 90% of Chinese cities’ waters are polluted, and 700 million people drink water contaminated by the bacteria colon bacillus. Guaranteeing the safety and health of drinking water has become the focus of more and more families.

GE’s water purification products include microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and more. Ordinary ultrafiltration membrane filtration can remove bacteria and particles from the household water, but the reverse osmosis membrane is needed to remove harmful substances such as heavy metal content. The ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane developed by GE is able to filter large volumes of water with minimum pressure requirements and leads to 3 times higher water yield than a standard membrane, while maintaining a high desalination rate.

This ability to filter water in low pressure conditions means pumps are not necessary which reduces manufacturing costs significantly.

Based on the existing technology, the reuse rate of household membranes is around 30-50%. However, the first generation of a high water recovery technology developed by GE China Technology Center is expected to solve this bottleneck. At the same time, the technology can achieve high water recovery rate with high water yield volume, allowing every family to enjoy better quality water at low costs while protecting the environment in the same time. Meanwhile, based on differences in water quality, the reuse rate of wastewater of household water purification equipment equipped with the technology is up to 75%. Daily water-yielding capacity will be increased from 75 gallons per day currently to 500-1,000 gallons per day, providing a green, energy-saving, innovative and efficient new solution for China’s household water purification market.

Dr. Su Lv, manager of the Coating and Membrane Technology Laboratory at GE’s China Technology Center in Shanghai, commented: “GE has extremely rich experience and mature technology in industrial wastewater treatment for the petrochemical, coal chemical, and power generation industries. By applying these advanced technologies to household water treatment, we can improve the efficiency, reuse rate and reliability of household purified water, and reduce the cost and resource consumption. All these efforts will help to escalate the water treatment market in China to a new height.”


GE China Technology Center

As one of nine global research and development facilities at the hub of GE’s worldwide technology development efforts, the GE China Technology Center (CTC) is a diversified, multi-disciplinary organization conducting fundamental research, new product development, engineering service and sourcing service.

Founded in 2000, the GE China Technology Center is one of the biggest foreign-invested R&D centers in China and one of very few enterprise R&D centers with fundamental research capabilities.


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