GE China Technology Center Wins Top 12 Most Innovative Practices Award of “Multinational Companies in Shanghai”

Shanghai, October 22, 2015 – The GE China Technology Center was honored with the Best Practice Award in Collaborative Innovation at the “Innovation and Development: Multinational Companies in Shanghai” Innovation Forum and Awards Ceremony on October 22, 2015.  With innovative ideas, strong ties with local partners, and global impact, GE Aviation’s Engineering ARJ21 Project at the China Technology Center stood out among 40 competitive finalists, winning this prominent recognition and setting a good example for the multinationals in Shanghai. The award honors those winners who help promote the innovation-driven development and transformation in Shanghai to integrate the city into the global innovation network.

Dr. Xiangli Chen, Vice President of GE and President of GE China Technology Center, said, “We are proud to receive this prestigious award, which recognizes our capabilities of collaborative innovation and being a driving force for industry development. Founded 15 years ago, GE’s China Technology Center has always been close to our local markets and innovating technologies to meet the most urgent needs of Chinese society. Additionally, GE teams up with local customers to jointly develop innovative technologies and solutions for local and international markets. We are committed to contributing to the city’s progression towards a global innovation center.”

The aviation engineering team of GE China Technology Center not only provides ARJ21, China’s first self-developed regional aircraft with engine system design and integration services, but also partnered with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) in the aircraft’s detailed design. This included the aircraft / engine integration in various stages, from the engine control to the system integration, from testing to certification. After the completion of certification process for 12 years, the ARJ21 – 700 aircraft has become China’s first aircraft in accordance with the international civil aviation regulations.

“ARJ21’s success has laid the foundation for the development of the C919. GE Aviation has been working closely with COMAC to fully support China’s first regional aircraft and the C919 aircraft programs, and we have been recognized by COMAC as a gold supplier for consecutive years,” said Weiming Xiang, Vice President of GE and President of GE Aviation Greater China. “As a key enabler for Shanghai and China’s innovation development, GE has committed to the long term development of China’s aviation industry and will continue to play a leading role in advancing Chinese aviation industry with innovative minds and proactive ideas, advancing extraordinary innovations and helping China achieve extraordinary possibilities.”

As the innovation engine for GE’s businesses, GE’s China Technology Center covers various sectors including healthcare, water treatment, energy, aviation and lighting. It has become a propeller in accelerating the accessibility of healthcare and the development of infrastructure and clean energy as well as a dominant force in leading sustainable development of Chinese economy with higher efficiency and productivity.  In 2014, GE China Technology Center applied for nearly 1,300 patents, made important achievements, such as the world’s largest motor test platform, advanced cooling hole processing control technology and CT test automation system. These advances greatly promoting the development of a large number of areas including aviation, oil and gas, power generation, water treatment and healthcare.

Co-organized by Shanghai Daily and under the guidance of the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, the “Innovation and Development: Multinational Companies in Shanghai” Innovation Practice Award aims to encourage Shanghai-based multinationals who play exemplary roles in promoting local innovation and transformation, deepening reform and opening-up. This year’s judging panel consisted of experts and scholars from Think Tank Center for Research and Management of Shanghai Colleges and Universities. After the public vote online and careful evaluations of the expert panel, 12 winners were selected from strong fields of nominees who exemplified best practices in the areas of policy-propelled innovation, cooperative innovation, talent development and innovation as well as corporate development and community innovation. In addition to GE China Technology Center, other multinational companies, such as Caterpillar, Dow Chemical, Siemens, Unilever and DuPont, were also among the list.

GE China Technology Center

As one of nine global research and development facilities at the hub of GE’s worldwide technology development efforts, the GE China Technology Center (CTC) is a diversified, multi-disciplinary organization conducting fundamental research, new product development, engineering service and sourcing service.

Founded in 2000, the GE China Technology Center was relocated to Zhangjiang High-Tech Park since May 2003, with a total physical area of 47,000 square meters. CTC is one of the biggest foreign invested R&D centers and among the very few enterprise R&D centers which have fundamental research capabilities.