Rodrigo Rodriguez Erdmenger

Research Engineer
Turbomachinery Aero
“What fuels my passion for work is knowing that I can impact the technology of GE products and lives of people all over the world.”
–Rodrigo Rodriguez Erdmenger

Ask Rodrigo what drives his passion for work, and he’ll tell you it’s knowing he can impact the technology of GE products and lives of people all over the world. “My main fields of work are in fluid dynamics and mechanical design and I have always been fascinated by aircraft engines, gas turbines and diesel engines. GE Global Research gives me the opportunity to develop new technologies for all these fields.”

These have included leading the team that developed the Low Pressure Turbocharger for the T4 Locomotive; working on advanced active seals that provide significant fuel consumption benefits on the newest Aviation engines; and, early in his career, being part of the team that contributed to the FAA certification of the CF34-8 engine.

Common to all of the projects has been learning how to work and communicate with diverse teams around the world; and the importance of spending time and effort at the outset of a project to clearly define requirements, objectives, and how the work will be accomplished. At the same time, he embraces the GE Belief of “learn and adapt to win” and reacts quickly and creatively to changing requirements, to deliver the best results to his customers.

When not thinking about his work, Rodrigo transforms from curious researcher, to dedicated husband and father, enjoying the time he spends outside of work with his family and 1-1/2-year-old son.