Raymond Murphy

Water Technical Manager
GR Oil & Gas Technology Center
“The oil & gas industry is in constant search of water treatment products that promise smarter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly operation. We invent those products.”
–Raymond Murphy

Curious, creative, cautious - the three C’s of Raymond Murphy. From his love of design to his passion for innovation, Raymond’s desire to make positive contributions to the oil & gas industry couldn’t be stronger. He’s an outside-the-box thinker with enough know-how and experience to drive change in the way produced water is managed.

Raymond’s extensive rolodex of industry connections allows him to explore and tackle tough challenges with a full understanding of issues and priorities. His collaborative approach to solution development allows him the freedom to brainstorm ideas that are largely ingenious, yet a bit outrageous. It’s a balance that sparks conversation, innovation, and ultimately the newest lean, green and more efficient solution.

When not dreaming up water process technologies, Raymond can be found spending quality time with his wife of many years, playing golf or scuba diving. He’s also never too busy for a creative moment designing and flying scale radio controlled jets or laying out designs for large custom homes.