Prasanth Kumar

Senior Scientist
Ceramics Synthesis & Processing
“I am constantly discovering and rediscovering myself in different application spaces.”
–Prasanth Kumar

Prasanth Kumar’s passion – both for his work and his personal life – is palpable. It comes out when he excitedly talks about being part of the team that developed the PET system simulation tool in 2002. That development allowed researchers to obtain the first set of reconstructed images, which in turn led to better understanding of the physics of PET scanners. His passion is evident when he shares how working with like-minded colleagues who enjoy challenges pushes him to excel even more in his work. And it’s clear when he expresses his desire to help children develop a curiosity about science, or empower young girls in rural India to succeed through education.

At the root of Prasanth’s passion is belief and trust: in his customers who put their faith in him to deliver wins in the marketplace, in his management that trusts employees to find and deliver the “right” solutions, and in the individuals with whom he collaborates and shares common goals for success.

Two of those goals were met in the LED space. During his first year in the LED program, Prasanth was instrumental in the development and technology transfer of an efficient SASI yellow phosphor that enabled GE Lighting’s first violet LED NPI (VioTM). The second accomplishment, and the one he considers the highlight of his career, was being part of the team that developed the TriGainTM phosphor – a new material that has given GE Lighting an edge over its competitors.

Looking forward, Prasanth said he’s excited to think about a world that efficiently uses energy, including smarter ways of lighting houses and cities. It’s a world that, through his passion, determination and hard work, Prasanth is helping to create.