Before Lucas was leading a program in the Smart Systems CoE, he was paving the way in data analytics for the automotive industry. Now, he applies his expertise to a wide range of projects focusing on making travel safer, more sustainable and more efficient. His work applies to multiple industry areas, including aviation, oil and gas, and transportation.

Lucas lived in Japan for six years while he completed his masters and Ph.D. There, he learned Japanese and became immersed in the local culture. He was also able to experience working in a relatively new field – his team was at the forefront of data analytics. Now he is excited to continue what he started and take it into the future. “The Industrial Internet is an incredible concept. Combining it with our knowledge of data analytics allows us to unlock and predict the future! I look forward to the day where we will be able to communicate with machines on the bottom of the ocean and optimize their performance from the surface, or that jet engines both in the air and on the ground will be able to interact and learn from each other,” he says.

Lucas is passionate about art and music. He thanks his mother for passing down her artistry as a painter. He also enjoys tennis.