Jie Shen is all about growth. It drives his work, and it shapes his vision.

It was growing his leadership ability that put him at the helm of a Global Research team to support GE Power Conversion in completing the project “2x27 MVA High-Power Machine Test Bench.” The project took 14 months, and he led the team from project launch to completion.

His leadership also was evident in a 23-month project he managed to support GE Power Conversion in developing the novel medium-voltage drive MV6 series, from NTI (new technology introduction) to NPI (new product introduction) to product release and to market.

And his personal growth came very much into play when he completed his PhD studies in Electrical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University while working at GE, earning the highest distinction of Summa Cum Laude.

Making daily progress

Given his vision and accomplishments, it’s no surprise that Jie uses “clear thinker, motivating and execution” as three words to describe himself.

“It is not important what I do, but how I do it,” he said. “My interest lies in extracting information from the data, extracting knowledge from that information, and - most important - extracting a METHODOLOGY from my knowledge. By doing that (data > information > knowledge > methodology) I am making daily progress.”

Jie will continue to grow in his new role as lab manager at GE Global Research-Shanghai. This move from project leader to lab manager will enable him to expand his focus beyond his own goals, to that of the team he will lead. In so doing, “I will see their success as my success in terms of technical achievements.”