Carl Vess

Chemical Researcher
Ceramics & Metallurgy
“Being able to interact with the business teams has allowed me to become a better researcher throughout the years.”
–Carl Vess

“Wanderlust” may not be the first word many people associate with a chemical researcher. But it defines Carl’s love of travel with his wife and daughter, the center of his life outside the lab.

From Concept to Product

"I enjoy focusing on product transitions from GE Research to the business units," Carl says. "It’s allowed me to work with some great teams through the years."

Carl’s role developed from that of a ceramic processing engineer to a six sigma and quality role helping teams develop transfer functions and increase product quality. And he’s excited about the opportunities ahead. “From smartphone screens to diagnostic imaging equipment,” Carl says, “technical ceramics are becoming more integrated with our daily lives and they can play quite a role in the future.”

Proudest Moments

Carl is most proud of winning the American Ceramic Society Corporate Technical Achievement Award for the Gemstone CT Scintillator.

Implementation is a highlight of Carl’s career. He’s also proud of his team’s work in designing the ceramic-to-metal seal for the GE Energy Storage Durathon battery and developing production processes for GE Aviation’s LEAP engine.