Brian Reeves

Artificial Lift Research Engineer
GRC OGTC PS-Artificial Lift
“Collaboration brings forth innovation, so we must work together openly with our customers and colleagues if we want to be truly successful.”
–Brian Reeves

As a senior artificial lift research engineer, Brian Reeves is constantly brainstorming, refining and developing new ways to make the best even better. He’s a dreamer, an inventor, and a team player, working to ignite industry change by applying advanced technology in untraditional ways.

For Brian, collaboration is more than just a buzz word. Take, for example, his early work designing and developing a high temperature test loop to enhance GE’s artificial lift equipment testing capabilities. The automated system tests electric submersible pumps in extreme fluid temperatures to mimic steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) field environmental conditions. Completing this intricate project took the effort of a team -- not an individual -- that pushed hard, analyzed the problem and fought for timely success.

Brian is excited to continue pushing the oil & gas industry to achieve new standards with smarter, more advanced solutions that can accommodate hotter temperatures and harsher environments. This, combined with access to real-time analytics, will enable customers to proactively control equipment, increase efficiency, and drive down total lifecycle costs.

“The oil & gas industry is full of opportunities for system-level improvements to enhance overall process efficiency. I love being in a position where I can work closely with our customers, hear their needs and work with our businesses to develop and test impactful solutions.”

Optimizing oil and gas recovery and developing better water management techniques is no easy feat, but Brian is armed for the challenge with fortitude, creativity, and a great team. He also has the support of his wife and three young children, who keep his mind sharp and his heart young with trips to the zoo, the park, and perhaps most fitting, the science museum.