When Andrew Gorton tackles a new challenge, the first question he always asks is “why not.” He leverages his diverse background to think about problems in new ways that result in solutions that are easy to implement, cost-effective and robust.

Andrew’s training is in acoustics, noise control, vibration and structural dynamics. After seven years of working in that area as a consultant to architects, contractors and engineers, he was hired at Global Research in 2010 as a research engineer. Subsequently he has shifted his effort to more of a project management role in the area of acoustics and vibration, allowing him to focus more on the CO2 fracturing project he currently leads.

“My goal is to make the world a better place by reducing the amount of water used during hydraulic fracturing, as well as continue to make GE products quieter, thereby reducing the adverse effects of noise on people,” he says. His passion for his work and the passion he instills in others informs how he thinks about the future. Within the oil and gas space, it’s impacting the technologies that could reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas operations. For acoustics, he’s excited to see where metamaterials will go, as well as greater focus on the understanding the impact that noise has on humans.

Outside of work, Andrew can be found running with his fiancé, cycling and swimming. And while travel and playing piano have been on the back burner, he hopes to do more of each this year.