Adam Rasheed

Engineered Systems Valuation Researcher
“It’s very important to inspire the next generation and I try to lead by example. I work hard, continuously try to learn and always try to behave with integrity.”
–Adam Rasheed

A lifelong fascination with aerospace has guided Adam’s career, recently blending with a deep knowledge of software and analytics to help build GE’s work around Industrial Internet, Smart Cities and other new intersections of industrial equipment and information.

“If the entire knowledge of humanity is represented by a desert, my goal is to work with great teams in order to add my contribution—a tiny grain of sand to this vast desert of knowledge,” Adam explains.

Chasing Excitement

This one-time Ironman appreciates his kids’ perspective on the world and sees his role as making that world a better place. That’s why he volunteers in the community and does work that makes a positive impact on society’s great challenges.

“The biggest highlights of my career are related to inspiring the next generation to grow and become better researchers and technical leaders,” Adam says. And the stories flow. A memorable intern. A last-minute, elusive photograph that confirmed the delayed transition of a hypersonic boundary layer using passive acoustic absorption. A GE-NASA effort that developed the world’s first and largest multi-tube pulse detonation engine that fires into a large-scale turbine—along with its deafening whine and percussion.

Immediate Impact

Adam looks ahead to global challenges such as climate change, sustainable energy, global population and sufficient food and water as issues that will be affected by technology along with social and political systems. But he also looks ahead to a time when technology becomes part of the social and physical fabric of the world.

“Accessing the ‘Internet’ will not require the physical use of a laptop or mobile phone,” he says, “But simply reaching into a segment of our conscious that is electronically enabled and wired to the rest of the world.”