When Sultan Shair gets up in the morning, he doesn’t think about going to work, he thinks about going to play. Whether he’s brainstorming about innovative technologies he can help implement; being energized by the talented and international colleagues with whom he collaborates, or envisioning a world where the expansive properties of composites come into play, every day is a creative day.

The self-described “fast, outgoing and tenacious” researcher has an eclectic past that forms the foundation for his future. Having been educated in four countries (school in Jordan, bachelors of science degree in Canada, PhD in the United Kingdom, and now working toward his MBA in Germany), his diverse background and international experience provides an unusual perspective when solving problems.

A world of possibility
His perspective also keeps his feet on the ground even as his mind is filled with possibility. “Knowing that Global Research supports and encourages innovation and prototyping really gives me a massive kick,” he says. This includes the work he is doing on composites manufacturing, whose automation component appealed to him as an offshoot of his PhD efforts on mobile robots.  At the same time, “I know that research developments don’t always make it into products, but when they do, they keep me motivated for quite some time.”

One of those developments was getting a new wind blade design feature from the lab into production within nine months. This accomplishment was recognized in 2014 with an Innovation Award by GRC’s Manufacturing, Chemical and Materials Technologies organization (MCMT).

Looking forward, he would love to see a world where everyone has intelligent and automated homes and sophisticated personal robots so they have more time to pursue their passions. For Sultan, that would include video editing, making music, and keeping up with news from around the world... news that Sultan may one day help to create.