Science Fiction meets Science Future in India

What happens when you put a sci-fi writer and a real-life scientist in the same (virtual) room and ask them to imagine the future? Original Science-Fiction stories inspired by the real science that’s happening in GE’s global labs, as told by GE’s budding GRC employees!

For our fourth installment of our #ScientistInResidence storytelling campaign on Wattpad, we’re going to the India Technology Center in Bangalore with Rupam Mukherjee.

Rupam’s goal is to make the next generation of super smart, super connected locomotives that don’t break down and get their passengers and cargo to the right place on time. He’s driven to find the best possible way to get the most out of these machines using analytics. Coming from a family passionate about engineering, Rupam loves tackling new problems and learning new things. This curiosity keeps him pushing for better solutions ever day. When he’s not thinking about the future of transportation, you can find him unwinding with a history book or listening to one of his favorite albums.

Check out our original story “The Silver Falcon” by Hannah Neslon, one of Wattpad’s authors: It is the year 2099, and the world’s fastest, most efficient form of transportation, The Silver Falcon, races through the countryside of India. It is a train that has united the world, but one man on board worries it may not be fast enough. This man carries only a tattered suitcase, but it holds years of secrets. He is not who he says he is. Told in a series of flashbacks to his youth, and set on a futuristic, high-tech train, we slowly uncover the truth of the past, the pain buried with it, and his final chance at redemption.