Science Fiction meets Science Future in Oklahoma

What happens when you put a sci-fi writer and a real-life scientist in the same (virtual) room and ask them to imagine the future? Original Science-Fiction stories inspired by the real science that’s happening in GE’s global labs, as told by GE’s budding GRC employees!

image_uploaded_from_ios_1024For our third installment of our #ScientistInResidence storytelling campaign on Wattpad, we’re going to GE’s oil and gas research center in Oklahoma with Technology Leader, John Westerheide.

How many people do you know who look to Thomas Edison for job inspiration? John Westerheide uses an Edison quote to explain his job philosophy: “I look to understand what the world needs and then I invent it.” John’s focus is on making oil fields safer and more efficient. He dedicates himself to developing and accelerating innovative oil and gas technologies that fuel the future- including drones!

John’s interested in how people use technology, and he loves creating new solutions to make it better for people. As someone who doesn’t have a traditional tech background (he started off in marketing), he counts himself lucky to be able to with robots and lasers every day.

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