Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Technology Purifies Water

GE’s Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane technology addresses industrial waste water treatment and recycling needs, purifying water for cooling, boilers, and general industrial processes by rejecting dissolved salts and organics in the waste water. Our membranes produce high-quality product water from virtually any water source.

Our spiral wound membrane elements cross the spectrum of membranes, including reverse osmosis (RO), Nano filtration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microfiltration (MF). Originally designed for water desalination, spiral wound membranes are now used in a variety of applications including in the dairy industry, in manufacturing products, for high purity water and at high temperature and extreme pH conditions. GE offers membranes that are designed to meet the customers’ needs in each unique situation.

In response to a growing need from our customers, GE technologists have developed a fouling-resistant membrane which allows for extended use. In some applications, the incoming water contains high organics which can ruin the membrane over time. The membrane products used in these compromised conditions are subject to harsh cleaning procedures where membranes are exposed to very high pH conditions. In response to this need, GE technologists developed a membrane with special surface properties to withstand many tough cleaning cycles. This extended use means cost savings for our customers.

Most recently, GE researchers have been cultivating nano-filtration membranes which would serve as a pretreatment of RO. By combining nano-filtration and RO we can offer differentiated solution to our customers, which would be a much more robust system. In addition, it would also be capable of recovering more water—up to 90%. (An average RO system can recover approximately 70%.)

Membrane video:

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