Manufacturing Scientist Stephan Biller Discusses the Industrial Internet

Stephan Biller, Chief Manufacturing Scientist at GE Global Research, talked with the Farstuff Podcast about the future potential of the Industrial Internet.

Biller explained the concept behind GE’s Brilliant Factories initiative: “We look at our factories and we try to figure out how do we make use of what people call the global brain? How do we connect  all these factories using a digital thread all the way from design through manufacturing, engineering, tot he factories and then even to our service shop back to design. The goal really is to thing about how do we make these factories smarter? How do we make our engineers smarter, with better tools? And how do we make our service shops smarter? And not only make them smarter individually, but also collectively.”

This is the first in a 4-part exclusive collaboration between GE and Farstuff in which the podcast will delve into GE’s Indistrial Internet initiatives. Listen to segments featuring Arnie Lund and Julian Keith Loren. 

Listen to the entire podcast below:

Stephan Biller on Farstuff Podcast