LightGrid Provides Real-Time Feedback From Street Lights

You use a GPS to provide real-time data from your car. Now, technologists from the Controls, Electronics and Signal Processing Lab at GE Global Research will be arming street light controllers with GPS detectors that provide real-time feedback on their street lighting assets.

GE Global Research and GE Lighting teams will be taking their pilot program to the streets of San Diego and Los Angeles to remotely monitor GE’s and other vendors’ streetlights. The GE LightGrid™ Outdoor Wireless Controller, which GE expects to introduce in late 2013, is a next-generation, outdoor, wireless-lighting controls program that will enable municipalities to have a high-level perspective from a streetlight view, thanks to GPS detection in each controller.

The goal is simple: give municipalities a more accurate view of their street lighting assets so they can implement smarter energy saving, asset management and maintenance strategies around on/off/dim cycles. Users will be able to constantly monitor energy usage and lighting data via a central management system accessed through a Web-based experience.

LightGrid will make its first appearance in 3000 GE fixture/controller combinations in San Diego. Once that pilot is complete, it will be expanded to the City of Los Angeles, to validate that the technology can be used on a larger scale.