Integrating Technology to Improve Patient Care

We often look at a technology, thinking about how we can make it smaller, cheaper, faster and more efficient. But when you’re talking about improving patient care, the needs of the patient are front and center. This time, we’re bringing our technologies together and focusing on the disease at hand.

Our vision is to enable higher quality, lower dose, faster procedures with an interventional suite that is patient and procedure centric and a platform for next generation technologies.

We are developing an interventional suite at the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna that leverages the power of our different modalities including imaging, visualization, navigation, monitoring, recording, therapy delivery, hospital information technology and Industrial Internet. Rather than looking at how we can guide procedures with just x-ray or ultrasound imaging, we are bringing all of the GE technologies together —in one room.

We’re developing an intelligent open platform based on GE’s own Industrial Internet with a simple, intuitive operating environment that will unify these technologies to give better treatments and better guidance to the interventionist. To ensure patients are receiving the best care, researchers are working to enhance equipment ergonomics to reduce physician fatigue, improve procedures to reduce time and staff members involved and improve the patients’ comfort and overall experience.

To bring this integrated lab out of the research center and into the hospitals, we have ultrasound researchers, x-ray researchers, data scientists and electronics experts working together everyday with one goal in mind: to develop an environment that will give patients a better hospital experience and provide them with better treatment outcomes.