A Global R&D Network Driving GE’s Oil & Gas Technology Pipeline

As we break ground on GE’s newest Global Research Oil & Gas Technology Center, work is happening 24/7 at our other sites around the world to push the boundaries of oil & gas production and solve some of the industry’s toughest challenges.

In India, a team of researchers are developing a multiphase flow meter in partnership with Chevron to enable more accurate measurement of a mixture of liquids such as oil and water in harsh environments. Today, it’s only possible to measure with accuracy one fluid at a time under more limited conditions. To learn more about this project, read a recent white paper published by Manoj Kumar KM, a senior scientist for GE in India. Also, watch this video where Manoj and team explain the project and show the elaborate testing facilities they have installed on site.

Meanwhile, in Munich, a multidisciplinary team of GE researchers led by High Power Electronics Lab Manager Christoph Sihler are supporting GE’s efforts to enable a subsea plant that can process oil and gas right on the seabed floor 3,000 meters deep in the sea and more than 100 kilometers offshore.

But the push of technologies to expand subsea oil and gas recovery opportunities doesn’t end in Munich. GE’s High Power Electronics team in Shanghai is developing new technologies that will enable electronics used in oil and gas production to function reliably at deeper depths and higher pressures. And at our site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we are working closely with local customers like Petrobras and BG Group, to develop new sensing, drilling and production technologies to recover new subsea oil and gas reserves that exist underneath a layer of salt off the coast of Brazil.

Finally, at our global research headquarters in Niskayuna, NY, we are developing an array of technologies to support not only subsea oil and gas exploration, but also the extraction of new shale gas and tight oil reserves onshore. From new technologies for electric submersible pumps that will enable these pumps to be used in unconventional wells to creating smart sensing systems that will improve the monitoring and productivity of wells, GE scientists and engineers are driving key advancements that will help our Oil & Gas customers improve production in smarter, cleaner, faster and better ways.

Many of the ideas that bubble up and are developed in our global labs will find their way to our new Oklahoma technology center. The team and site we are building in Oklahoma City will be a central hub for taking technologies at the mid- and later stage of development and accelerating them through to market. It will serve as a key link in the technology pipeline that will ensure great ideas become great solutions and products for GE’s Oil and Gas customers.