GE’s Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ) Are Cool and Quiet

Ultrathin tablets and laptops are the norm these days but researchers from GE have pioneered a technical breakthrough called DCJ that will enable even thinner, quieter electronic devices. GE’s DCJ behave as micro-fluidic bellows that provide high-velocity jets of air to cool electronic components. The turbulent airflow of the DCJ increases the heat transfer rate to more than ten times that of natural convection.

The technology was originally developed for commercial jet engines but has been adapted and can now be considered as an optimal cooling solution for increasingly thin consumer electronics products. GE’s technology is half as thick as conventional cooling fans being used in electronics today and uses half the energy. In addition, the cooling technology is virtually inaudible to the human ear. These small bellows are also simply constructed to deliver higher reliability and savings on repair costs.

To view a demonstration of the technology, click here.