Flexible Fuel Solutions Offer Efficient, Reliable Energy

The world of power generation is evolving at lightning speed. GE is focused on staying one step ahead of it. With a proven foundation of innovation, we’re creating solutions that balance the demand for cleaner, more abundant power with the need for reliability and robust economic growth.

GE’s FlexEfficiency 60 Portfolio represents the newest development in power plant technologies. Assembled to meet the varied needs of today’s energy industry, it redefines the standards of operational flexibility. The portfolio consists of gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, and enhanced plant controls allowing operators to take full advantage of renewable energy resources coming on and off the grid. It’s the very best of GE, in one very adaptable portfolio.

Leveraging this broad framework, GE researchers are advancing the efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of these solutions through novel advances in materials, combustion and many other sciences. Staying at the forefront of these technologies is important to maximize the performance of new and installed power generation assets for our customers.

In locations where a broader spectrum of fuels are available, fuel flexibility is critical. Large and flexible gas turbines that operate efficiently and reliably on a wide range of fuels can be the key to success as customers around the world look to implement the power generation technology of tomorrow.

With more than 50 years of experience and thousands of fielded units, GE has built the largest fleet of gas turbines that operate on nontraditional fuels. Our technology utilizes a wide range of alternative fuels and pushes engineering boundaries on efficiency and power output while lowering emissions and reducing wear and tear. GE’s flexible fuel solutions outperform comparable technologies in both efficiency and reliability.

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