Advanced Manufacturing Technology Aids Cell Therapy Adoption

The emergence of cell therapies represents the latest and potentially one of the most groundbreaking steps in medicine to treat disease. From repairing damaged hearts after heart attacks and eliminating insulin injections to treat diabetes, to enabling new ways to battle cancer and even someday growing entire organs, cell therapies are offering new hope and possibilities for patients.

To enable the widespread adoption of cell therapy, industrial solutions are required for cell separation, storage, expansion, harvesting and quality control that can be easily, and reproducibly, scaled. GE scientists are developing new technologies to meet this challenge.

Working closely with GE’s Life Sciences business, prototype instrumentation has been developed that is now being transitioned to manufacturing. In addition, other technologies are being adapted to fill gaps in the current cell therapy industrialization workflow that will help make therapies more accessible.

As therapy providers push the front lines of treatments with cell therapies, GE scientists are right behind them working to build and deliver a robust manufacturing pipeline that will allow them to reach more patients in the future.