UnImpossible Missions: The Next Chapter

Every day, GE takes on the world’s toughest challenges. Using the GE store, our researchers and scientists are able to work together across businesses to solve problems that have always been thought unsolvable and are able to go places others won’t — to achieve the impossible. Last year, we demonstrated this by disproving some of the most well-known expressions of things that supposedly can’t be done. We caught lightning in a bottle, taught a wall to listen when we talked to it, and gave a snowball a pretty great chance in Hell.

The Unimpossible Missions showed the world that nothing is impossible when you start thinking out of the box. This year, we sought to inspire others to do the same by launching Unimpossible Missions: the University Edition, which gave students around the globe the chance to do the impossible too. Chris Nguyen, a biomedical engineering student at University of Wisconsin Madison, took home the grand prize with his solve for “You Can’t Unring a Bell,” which was the inspiration behind one of our latest Missions. We also challenged some of our best engineers and scientists to find out if you can really “fight fire with fire”.

Watch the new series below and see for yourself if the impossible, is truly possible.

Fighting Fire With Fire – We used the power of sound to extinguish a man-on-fire, all in virtual reality/ 360-view video featuring GRC engineer Tony Dean.

fire with fire

You Can’t Unring a Bell– A manifestation of Chris’ concept that, with the help of GRC engineers Sid Ashar, Michael Wittbrodt and Sara Underwood, we scaled up to un-ring one of the largest (and loudest) bells in the world.

Cant unring a bell_0

Also, we’ve partnered with Adam Savage, former co-host of MythBusters, who will break down the science behind the Unimpossible films. Keep an eye on Tested YouTube channel!