Top innovators under 35 in India: Meet Anusha Rammohan

GRC’s own Lead Engineer Anusha Rammohan has been awarded The Mint and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) prestigious Innovators Under 35 in India award. MIT has teamed up with The Mint to identify Indian citizens under the age of 35 working on innovations that promise to shape the coming decades. Anusha is the only woman amongst the list of the top 10 winners across the industry.

Here is the media story that featured her in The Mint.

Anusha’s innovative work focuses on addressing the needs of the Oil &Gas industry to be more efficient with resources, people, and investments to reduce the cost of producing oil. She does this by combining sensor and device data in the field and using intelligent analytics to provide accurate and reliable information about oil production in real-time. As an example, timely information about well and field level production of oil, water, and gas allows operators to make critical decisions related to optimizing pumps, allocating resources and energy to each well, shutting down or stimulating wells, preventing leakage and blockage of pipes, etc. By transforming data into actionable information, her solution enables increased oil recovery, reduced human intervention, and improved resource planning.

Describing her vision, Anusha said, “My work revolved around intelligent analytics for multi-sensor data streams which can be extended to applications in industries such as aviation, power and transportation. These include performance optimization of assets, health monitoring of safety critical components, and increased reliability and reduced downtime, all of which improve productivity and drive down costs. What inspired and attracted me to this piece of work was the opportunity to combine physical sensors with advanced analytics to develop a solution which was capable of radically transforming the processes of an entire industry.”

Over the last eight years at GE, Anusha has been known for her work in improving inspection analytics in industrial infrastructure and flow analytics for multi-phase flow metering in oil and gas industries. Her research entry for this competition has highlighted the potential savings of over 50% in metering and well testing costs, along with improved accuracy and information content, enabling revenue increases for customers worth millions of dollars.

Anusha was thrilled and said, “This award validates the work we do and how we are driving outcomes for our customers. I had a great time working on this project, it was challenging and pushed me to learn and discover. I am also grateful to the fantastic global project team whose support I could count on every step of the way.”

The overarching theme for the event was “Digital Transformation” and how it is perceived by business leaders, innovators, and technologists from varied domains. In this context, Anusha’s talk highlighted the power of physical and digital solutions in enabling radical changes in industries such as Oil & Gas.