Teaming Up With Idea Works Puts Our Tech Into the World

GE Idea Works is extending the reach of our technology by connecting GE’s internal intellectual property, technology and resources with the external world. With a focus on accelerating innovation, collaborating with strategic partners and finding new ways to leverage ideas from across GE—Idea Works is a catalyst for GE technology, putting our ideas to work to make the world work better.

Idea Works partners with established companies who can accelerate our technology. These technologies include software and analytics, sensors and materials, electronics and semiconductors and motors and engines. Recently, we’ve teamed up with Idea Works to take our Dual Cool Jet technology (DCJ) out of the labs and into the world. DCJ is a major breakthrough in cooling systems for electronic devices. Adapted from technology that GE researchers originally developed for commercial jet engines, this advanced cooling solution supports the next generation of thinner, quieter and more powerful tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

Idea Works has already licensed DCJ to Fujikura LTD, a world leader in thermal management solutions, known for their reliable and innovative products serving the telecom, automotive, energy and electronics markets.

Along with licensing our technology, Idea Works is focused on bringing technology access to partners earlier in the commercialization process. Hyperpolarized metabolic imaging (C-13) is a great example of this. C-13 technology provides medical researchers with a unique window to the human body, giving them the tools to examine the biochemical “fingerprint” of tissue and enhance their ability to investigate disease and measure clinical response. For oncology applications, specifically, this device could have an enormous impact on the study of cancer cells. No longer would doctors have to wait months to find out if a chemotherapy treatment is working. This device could tell them within a matter of minutes, and treatment could be adjusted accordingly.

An inclusive early technology commercialization process was pioneered and demonstrated with C-13. Named “Research Circle,” Idea Works used this framework to collaborate with global academic partners and efficiently leverage government and NGO research funding while industrializing the technology into product solutions. The technology is unique to GE and is helping open prestigious academic users to GE’s other technologies.

While teaming up to create technology is a great thing, what is technology if it’s not out there, in the hands of people across the world? Idea Works is not only teaming up with large-scale innovators, they’re also working with small start-ups to take our technology to new heights—and lower costs.

Currently, our researchers are working to develop next-generation, cost-effective sensors for applications like cargo shipping that would be capable of readily detecting chemicals used in explosives or other devices that threaten the safety of U.S. citizens. GE’s RF sensors would have the ability to wirelessly detect chemicals of interest, at very low concentrations, even in the presence of multiple interferences, without adding to their complexity, size or cost.

Idea Works is currently working with entrepreneurs to build a start-up business around our sensing technology for diverse applications. As these sensors can be deployed in a variety of ways, detecting many different chemical species—building a business around them would benefit industries from Oil & Gas to Healthcare.

To learn more about Idea Works and to review our technologies currently available for licensing, visit the Idea Works Website.