Why Global Research

careers_why_GEAt Global Research, scientists, engineers and technicians work together to provide GE’s businesses and strategic partners with technical innovations for their future generation products, processes and services. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. GE works.

Technical Career Path

careers_technical_career_pathThe technical career path at GE Global Research guides scientists’ and engineers’ individual development. Its rich experiences and mentorship enable researchers to deliver novel solutions that have real impact for GE’s customers. Building a continuum of technology capability, the program begins with roles that focus on technologies and solutions for today, and expand to roles that develop technologies and strategies for tomorrow. Each role is characterized by increasing levels of proficiency in expertise, innovation, impact and interaction. Career growth is dependent upon the development of these competencies over time, leveraging education, experiences, training, mentoring and coaching. The technical career path provides a framework for engineers, scientists, managers, project leaders and business leaders to drive and support the career development of each employee, which is critical to the present and future success of GE Global Research.

Student Opportunities

If you are ready to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life technical problems and develop your skills in a cutting-edge global environment, GE Global Research offers outstanding opportunities:

GE Global Research is proud to announce the launch of our Fellowship Program beginning summer 2017. Fellowships at the Global Research Center (GRC) offer graduate students prestigious opportunities for experiential learning and hands-on research in an overall effort to accelerate professional development in tandem with academic achievements.

The mission of the GRC Fellowship Program is to cultivate talent currently enrolled at top tier universities working on research-based master’s and doctoral degrees.  Selected individuals will be mentored by our technologists currently working to invent better ways to build, connect, cure, move and power the world and will work on things that matter.

Qualifying degree programs include Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, and all positions will require onsite attendance in Niskayuna, NY at the US GRC Headquarters. The Fellowship Program will culminate in a Technology Forum designed for students to present and showcase their work.  Please review and apply for our current fellowship openings here.

Leadership Programs: We maintain strong ties to institutions of higher education around the world and welcome the curiosity and passion students bring to GE’s research operations. Through the Edison Engineering Development Program for recent graduates, we incorporate new scientists into our work in ways that encourage collaboration and real-life contributions to science and technology. Are you interested in one of our leadership programs?


Four continents. Seven global centers of innovation. Around the clock and around the world, GE Global Research is making advancements in science and technology that affect the international community—and our local areas. Take a moment to explore our locations.