New GE Research Center Deploys Science To Lift Oil And Gas

On October 5, GE celebrated the grand opening of its newest Global Research Center, the Oil & Gas Technology Center in Oklahoma City, OK. The new Center will become a central hub for GE scientists and engineers to closely collaborate with the Oil & Gas industry on cutting-edge digital and hardware solutions to advance the industry.

The research focus at the new Center will span across all areas of oil & gas from production solutions and well construction systems to oilfield facilities and systems and reservoir performance. The facility has two underground test wells—one more than 400 feet deep and the other 60 feet deep—for testing technologies such as the new pumps with the jet engine coatings. The center also has a “flow loop” where engineers can simulate oil and gas production environments and test how newly designed parts can handle them. The place also has 3D printing machines that can quickly print new part designs to speed up prototyping and testing.

At the Center opening, GE also unveiled a prototype drone, nicknamed “Raven ,” engineered to detect emissions precisely and cost-effectively, to help customers reduce environmental impact and improve operational efficiency in the Oil & Gas industry.

Although the new Center just recently opened, temporary offices were established more than two years ago in the City Place Tower in downtown Oklahoma City. With 120 employees today, the Center can accommodate as many as 230 people.

Designed to foster open innovation and allow engineers to work closely with customers, the center has also established several programs and partnerships with industry and academia, including Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma and has R&D agreements in place with many of the leading operators in North America.

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